Simplified food waste

We have the technical knowledge and you the “know how” to manage a kitchen. We are offering a solution with minimal administration that decreases your food waste for both your staff and your guests. Our goal is that you can  focus on the food production, while measuring the food waste is an automatic process.

One step at the time

in the right direction

Food waste occurs in many places and with our solutions you reduce food waste for guests, staff and increase the awareness for management. Measuring food waste and analysing where food waste occurs is a first step. When you have an understanding of how much is thrown away and for what reason, you can start your change process for food waste prevention. This may require a change in behaviour and influence is needed in every way. Becoming a customer of is a step in the right direction.


Our offer

AIO Connect - Canteen
A in house battery-powered hardware with associated food waste trolley. Easy handling of measurements for plate waste that also via wireless communication to a TV, communicates to visitors.
AIO Collect - Kitchen
A food waste trolley with built-in scale and battery-powered touchscreen for quick registration of measurements inside the kitchen.
AIO Control
Back Office for administration and analysis.

How it works

We have a number of alternatives to your specific situation and sector, no matter if you come from the hotel, catering or public sector, we always make sure you get exactly what you need and wish for.


Connect with us for a demo and think about what components from our selection that would be interesting and send a request for your own selected package deal.


Once we receive your request we will evaluate and contact you as soon as possible with an offer.


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How are you supposed to make a decision

without having tried the solution?

Don’t worry, we got you! Sign-up for our free service “Webreporter” to start measuring your food waste. You will automatically be added to the back office and you will get a report of your measurements once per week sent to your registered email. Your Webreporter login will be connected to one location/kitchen. Start measuring to see the “trends” and analyse your process to figure out your next step. This service is free for three months, after that we hope that you are ready for an upgrade.


for food waste categories.

We are following the Swedish template from “Livsmedelsverket”. With that said, we have also taken measures to simplify the process one more step. The following categories are already created when you enter Back Office:
[If you wish for another category you can easily manage and add your categories from admin level in Back Office. You can create your own template or change the name to better suite your situation.]

Plate Waste

Kitchen waste

Serving waste


In Backoffice


The person that is responsible for the measurements and the main person to work with Back Office


The person/persons that need access to Back Office


The person/persons that are responsible for the measurements on site.


for "reasons"

The system does not only create key figures on food waste depending on served/produced portions but also provides you the possibility to add reasons connected to every independent measurement. A “reason” is exactly what it sounds like. The reason why you threw away the food for each category. Let’s take kitchen waste as an example, a reason for food waste in the kitchen could be:

The product has passed its “best before” date

The leftovers are considered not edible

Has been exposed of contaminated

We have added a template for reasons that you can easily manage and change however you would like.

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions.

Simplified food waste