We want to encourage companies and individuals to get involved in what should already be a priority, to reduce food waste. Our world is in constant change and development. Society is governed by politicians and leaders, who sometimes encourage and sometimes ignore. Our environmental degradation must be the responsibility of everyone. We believe that sustainability is a natural part of prosperity and necessary to create a better working environment where companies have the opportunity to grow. It is important to prioritise sound values ​​and good business ethics, but it is essential that everyone begins to prioritise the environment.


Food should be eaten, and not thrown away. 

We monitor and create environments for businesses where growth doesn’t equal environmental instability. We value social integrity and awareness for the environment that is the foundation of why we created better solutions for food.

Much of food waste is traditionally wasted by being tossed in a landfill, where many companies will pay for the waste to be transported, and wasted while creating a toxic methane gas. This process is time consuming, harmful and wasteful to the resources of organic waste that we need! When properly treated, money can be saved, and we can reduce unnecessary trash in the earth- and even better, reuse it for a better purpose.

The solutions we offer are designed for waste measurement, awareness building and reduction on spot. Our goal is to save money, by eliminating the costs for transport of organic waste, and cut down necessary habits used.


The People behind Food Waste Tech have their origin from Stockholm Sweden and www.foodwaste.tech is trying to become a centre for communication and primary hub for food waste products/solutions that are being practised.

We offer products and solutions with the overall goal to reduce food waste and the carbon footprint. Our own portfolio of products serves and are designed to benefit businesses to monitor and calculate the amount of food that is being wasted. Over time clients can monitor, change processes, calculate and cut their amount of waste, saving assets and generating less expenses for their business.

After almost 7 years of measuring in different types of kitchens, some with too much details, some with too little details we have now 2022 ended up with our platform Food Waste Control 5.0.  With our complementary trackers solutions AIO Connect and AIO Collect we now feel that we have the perfect platform for monitoring food waste. Welcome!

Dear readers

It’s with great pleasure that I am writing to you in reference to our company launch for Food Waste Tech, a new online platform to serve large kitchens, food suppliers or any business that reduces food waste levels.

At the age of 57 and 5 years after working in the former company Grace Organic (that has been developing products and tools for cutting food waste), we began to see a rise within compost technology and competition. It became clear that many others were also for-seeing the future market that the environment provides and the jobs that will be created from sustainable energy and production practices.

At this point, I felt that I needed to change the approach we had to managing food waste, and hence in 2019, we’ve launched the platform Food Waste Tech.

This letter serves to better summarise our business purpose, strategy and company philosophy as well as the characteristics of our investments. I would like to stress how we think and operate as a business for better personification, and to future shareholders and potential investors in the company.

We see the need and incentive taken by government leaders, municipalities and global goals to live a more sustainable lifestyle, while promoting social, economic and environmental prosperity. This is the challenge and necessity of our time. Over the past twenty years small incremental changes have already been placed. Agreements such as the Paris agreement and Sustainable Development methods already align goals by countries all over the world (with a few exceptions) to aim towards an economy that will be overtime geared to more sustainable standards foresees a shift within how businesses are working in accordance to these foreseeable changes.

We hope our performance will be aided by a large window of opportunity within the environmental sector that holds opportunity for so many renewable energy sources. Within many years of progress and tweaking to our own products, we also saw a need for an entire platform in the sector that better links all those working with food waste.

I welcome the chance to explore and trail blaze this narrowly centred path alongside other partners, and future investors. I understand the hurdles and nuances that come with bringing up a new idea to the market. For this reason, we welcome partners to join us.

There is an increased popularity of on site waste products within remote areas, where transportation fees for moving organic waste is costly; and we search for alternative uses for this matter.

We also offer an IOS/ Android application to our clients to become part of the virtual restaurant industry and compare their amount of waste cuts to others and share a “green” rating status. These measurements will be able to generate a sort of index that will in the future be of users to measure a level of sustainability to their counterparts.

Apart from our own products, we identify third party suppliers whereas we in our agreement with them can market, sell, deliver, and install their products as a virtual reseller. Our website also contains other suppliers of products/solutions that will reduce food waste and then serves as a “Hub” for technologies working in the food waste industry.

We accept and represent partner companies that would like to bring their product to the market, and we deliver it as a reseller or distributor. Within our work, we have seen the need for innovations within the Food Tech industry and feel that many people are in line with our belief that Food Waste is an unnecessary extreme contributor of greenhouse gases which can be prevented easily by everyone.

These products are placed on our website as Food Waste Accessories which identifies any sort of product, company, organisation that is similarly geared to the ideals we have for food waste. This collision and space for working methods and solutions will create a global presence where people can easily find their own solutions.

For this reason, I invite all people to collaborate within their specialty field if interested in becoming part of this deal. We hope to sync skills between scientists, business people and consumers.

Along with these accessories we also hold education programs, which in time we hope to be sources of education provided for both children and adults in education programs for online teaching how to keep kitchens, food suppliers, and hotels “food waste smart”. While these are downloaded from our website the rest of our products & accessories are shipped from local hubs supported locally.

Most stakeholders, investors and potential clients I have the opportunity to speak with are already well informed about the growing food waste crisis. They have seen the shift in consumer trends and accept the necessity for more reliable methods that will incrementally save expenses and withhold money in the company.

In any other ways we suggest others to make a difference, we have sponsorship opportunities for those willing to invest in the expansion of our technology. I invite you for your collaboration, your ideas in this growing project as we begin our journey. If this is a cause you feel connected or passionate about, then we are asking you to join us in the force to combat climate change, in the way you can participate every day.

We hope to grow with your voice, keep your ideas heard and share your journey with food waste on our platform. I hope this is the beginning of a very long conversation.

Johan Lundberg

CEO Food Waste Tech


With superior partnerships Food Waste Tech also has  a goal to become a hub whereas individuals and companies involved in food waste reduction can share experiences/ideas/and help us all to reach the overall goal to cut food waste by 50 % before 2030.

Our products (Or any accessory) is sold via our platform that connects ambassadors, affiliates, regional business managers, sales reps and local support organisations. With advanced technology we provide global information combined with local presence/intelligence. Through a combination of consultant support and our products we deliver very solid, measurable results that help companies and organisations to set goals, have an impact and create a sustainable change for the future.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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