Food waste trolley




This is a customised trolley with built-in scale sensor, touch screen for feedback and presentation options.

AIO Collect & Webb Reporter is our solution for measuring, monitoring and reducing all food waste. The product is designed to measure the food waste of different kitchens. In its simplest form, a web login is used where you measure the waste on a separate scale and enter the result through a web browser, we call this serviceĀ  Web Reporter. If you want an automatic scale, you can order an AIO Collect.

The scale is easy to place inside the kitchen because it does not require constant connection to an electrical outlet. An app is installed on the computer with a touch screen that reports daily to the cloud service Food Waste Control. Everything is done automatically with a simple approach. AIO Collect shows how industrial kitchens, restaurants and the public sector can handle food waste in a clear way, increase awareness and reduce costs. The user easily selects what is to be thrown on the touch screen and throws the waste in the trolley. The system automatically shows the value of the object to be discarded and the estimated carbon dioxide emissions.