Our products can be used separately or all together. That is how we can offer a solution adapted to every situation. All products are developed with the intention to reduce food waste in the production or in the canteen of a restaurant but can also be used for other purposes if you so wish. If you are a municipality, hotel chain, restaurant chain or similar we recommend that you send us an interest proposal by choosing which solutions you are interested in. You do so by clicking the button below and filling in the form.


and solutions

AIO Connect - Canteen
A in house battery-powered hardware with associated food waste trolley. Easy handling of measurements for plate waste that also via wireless communication to a TV, communicates to visitors.
AIO Collect - Kitchen
A food waste trolley with built-in scale and battery-powered touchscreen for quick registration of measurements inside the kitchen.
AIO Control
Back Office for administration and analysis.


AIO Engager
A solution for instant feedback from your guests that can either be implemented in the AIO Connect or QR-codes that are linked to engaging questions.
AIO Metal
A metal sensor that detects when knife and forks end up together with the organic waste.
AIO Display
An HDMI connection with the possibility to present information on a screen with connection to the food waste measurements or presentations.

How are you supposed to make a decision

without having tried the solution?

Don’t worry, we got you! Sign-up for our free service “Webreporter” to start measuring your food waste. You will automatically be added to the back office and you will get a report of your measurements once per week sent to your registered email. Your Webreporter login will be connected to one location/kitchen. Start measuring to see the “trends” and analyse your process to figure out your next step. This service is free for three months, after that we hope that you are ready for an upgrade.