Food Waste aims to become the leader in products & solutions for food waste prevention.

Via superior solutions we can offer products, tools and knowledge to help you reduce your food waste. Learn how to measure and cut your food waste while saving money in the process.

Rethinking Food Waste

A center of knowledge, communication and hub for products & solutions to food waste. Optimize your activity, measure and cut your food waste, while gathering savings.

Reduce Waste & Costs

For Consumers

Sweden produced 1,3 million ton of food waste in 2016. 938 000 ton (72%) came from regular households.

It is necessary for every household to look over how much food that is being tossed and why.
Food Waste Tech have developed user friendly products that will help every home to individually handle and reduce its food waste.

In the near future we will also offer compost solutions directly in your kitchen.

For Business

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, responsible staff need control over what and how much of the food that is thrown. Food Waste Tech systems and products are designed to enable all kitchens to measure as smoothly and easily as possible and then reduce their food waste.

Our products are:
Our cloud service Food Waste Control
Our webb client Waste Web Reporter
Our automatic trackers Food Waste Tracker
Try our product Food Wast Control now.


Our free e-book explains all about the hidden problems and solutions within food waste. Learn how businesses and consumers can change the problem, reduce food waste and benefit financially. Connect with one another for more sustainable communities.


Free Food Waste Index

The Food Waste Index contains of an IOS/Android based app, that provides different actions/ activities that a business owner can take to cut food waste. It monitors and measures your business level of activities and the Food Waste Index platform will over time deliver and INDEX (number) that can help a business owner to understand the position of his business unit and how to proceed.

App Food Waste Index for Andoid or Iphone
Download food waste index available for Iphone or Android

You Can’t Change What You Can’t Measure


Expand your knowledge with our online education. Increase your awareness on food waste and learn necessary steps to take action. Try our first class for free.


Our webinars cover all the information about technology, sustainability, community and how food waste affects our future. Join our webinars to learn more about food waste.

EU goal for 2030

Learn More about the European Parliaments attempt to cut food waste in half by 2030. World leaders are finally paying attention. See how you can be a part of the change.

Food Waste Control

Food Waste Control is the name of our cloud service. Trough this system you will be able to report and document your food waste in an easy way. It can be done trough webb or different scale/tracker solutions.

Trough the web alternative you could use our client ”Waste Web Reporter” and combine this with our ”Food Waste Trackers”. You can also choose to only use Food Waste Control and import the metrics trough other alternatives such as an excel document.

The system is adapted to suite everyone. From big catering companies, hotells, schools and restaurants. In the system you will document the origin of the food waste, what it is made of and why it is being thrown away. The possibilities are endless, you can calculate amount of food waste per plate and so on.
In its basic form, it is a tablet, an app, your choice of scale, all connected to our cloud service Food Waste Control.

Web Waste Reporter

The Web Waste Reporter the web based solution that reports real life food waste according to configured menu. It is part of our food waste control cloud mirroring the food waste tracker without a built in scale. This means you can still measure your waste on the web! There are different roles including an admin and a web reporter which can be ran from multiple places.

With the web based solutions you can compare food waste in municipalities in the same way that you would compare schools. The web can store these results and present changes over time.


Do you know how much you could save? Share your case and get a free estimate of ROI and further consultation. We provide the necessary tools for you to gain knowledge, awareness, and action against food waste. Take initiative to treat your business.

Global food waste amounts to 30-50% of all produced food and has a major negative impact on the environment, economic resources and society.

On Site Food Waste Management

Food Waste Tech identifies, evaluates and develop products that can create a value out of your food waste and reduce costs for trash transportation. We are also creating more sustainable solutions such as products that can turn your food waste into a high energized soil fertilizer.
It’s time for kitchens to think more wisely about organic waste transportation. How much the costs are and how it affects the environment.

In the near future we will offer other products and solutions that can help you decrease your need for transportation of organic waste. With this we mean that you can turn your organic waste into compost from where you work, on site.
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E-Courses On Food Waste

Expand your knowledge of food waste and with our series of online education videos for all hoping to increase their awareness on the Waste Crisis along with steps to take for action.

  1. Introduction: The big problem with food waste
  2. Several deadly sins for the Climate and why FOOD WASTE control is one one the easiest to immediately manage, and improve on the spot starting TODAY.
  3. A community creating awareness- our future with food
  4. Measuring food creating new opportunities in the Kitchen, reducing food wasted, options to help world hunger.
  5. Compost solutions, growing food made easy.



Book a free consult. Together we can make a plan for your company. How you can improve the food waste process and what tools to use. If it is relevant we could also, as a next step, do a workshop for the staff on site.

Create Your Business Strategy

We create a solution for you which you are able to mandate and customize to find out how much money you can save with a plan provided by our solutions. 

Cut Waste and Costs!

With our scales and tracking processes, plan and monitor your journey with food waste, with our cloud service supporting you every step of the way. Our products and services are available globally serving all major food sectors.

We support your vision to optimize your business, and make your waste easier to deal with for a better environment. Our custom plans and data driven tools analyze and track activity and costs which  allow you to achieve your goals in a sustainable manner. 

Food Orientated Industries


With over 180,000 hotels in the world, many have not dealt with the food waste that’s being produced, and end up paying big amounts for transportation to clear it.

Food Suppliers

Find the best way to measure and decrease the amount of spoiled food. Efficiently manage your waste and save money in the process.

Restaurants and Large Kitchens

Food problems often mean an opportunity for creative solutions that can also be delicious.


Turn excess food into profit ! Our solutions guide catering companies to measure better how much food can be used and how to give away.

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