Food waste trolley




This is both a trolley for measuring plate waste and central for collecting feedback. The AIO hardware placed on the trolley should be connected to a TV screen for presentation possibilities.

AIO Connect is specially designed to work in school environments or where guests themselves choose the amount of food they should eat. The screen is connected to a computer that ensures a reaction and shows the guest with animations that illustrate how much food has been thrown away. This provides quick feedback and encourages further reflection at the next meal. The process is simple and easy to integrate with the guests. When the guests have finished their meal, they scrape the remains in the vessel that is connected to a scale solution.

The screen shows the weight while the animated figure responds. Those who do not throw anything can participate by pressing a green button on the cart. Through direct response, the process invites participation while increasing awareness of how much food is thrown away, actively educating and motivating people to throw away less food.

Out in the dining room, AIO Collect has a number of functions. Every time a guest throws food in the cart, the following 4 things happen:

  1. Each individual measurement is registered in the back office and saved for later analysis.
  2. For each individual measurement (each time a guest throws food), AIO Connect sends information to a “food monster / globe / optional symbol” that is presented on an external TV screen (See our product: Display). Depending on how much has been thrown away, the “food monster” reacts on the screen. He/she can be happy if you throw a little and get a stomach ache if you throw a lot.
  3. AIO Connect can (if this feature is ordered) display an Engager question which gives the opportunity to ask guests questions that they can answer when they pass AIO Collect.
  4. If AIO Connect has the extension “Metal sensor”, we measure and give feedback every time you happen to throw a cutlery. If the cutlery is then picked up or not, we can not control but the main purpose is to get an understanding and pay attention to how much metal that is thrown away and what the consequences are.