Presentation possibilities related to food waste.

Like most of our products, “Display” comes with 2 function options.

  1. You can choose to upload your own educational images in the back office that is displayed on the TV screen, just like a digital signage system. We call this a presentation. You can also set specific days and times when you want to show the presentation instead of the “food monster”. You choose which days and hours that the presentation will take over the TV screen from the “food monster”.
  2. The second purpose of the TV screen is to show the “food monster” and thus each individual measurement of food waste. This screen also shows total food waste per day as well as a mini-version of the presentation that you either choose to upload yourself or use our template. If you have created an extended presentation on certain days and times, it will be prioritised and take over the TV screen from the food monster. This function is intended for a variety of content. It may feel overwhelming to show the food monster every day and therefore you can alternate with a presentation.
  3. What is the food monster? Well, it’s a mascot, GIF, figure (dear children have many names) that reacts to how much you throw in AIO Collect. If you throw a lot of food, the food monster gets a stomach ache, if you throw a little it will react happily, and so on. We also have another alternative that consists of a globe that gets many/few trees depending on how much you throw away. This provides direct feedback to your guests and hopefully an impact for a changed behaviour and reduced food waste.