Different Policies and Food Management in EU Countries

Certain countries within Europe have already made major differences within the EU. France and The Netherlands in particular, banned the use of landfills if food was not purchased at food suppliers. In fact, both France and Holland are the first countries to publicly address the issue of food waste in the EU. This is for the idea is banning food waste in order to reduce hunger. Simply put, if it can be eaten, it should not be thrown away. In February 2016 France became the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from discarding unused food, forcing stores to donate to charities or food banks. Nowadays, this structure within food suppliers is now an example for many worldwide.


Before the policy was placed, France was one of the greatest wasters of food. The reputation of French cuisine is world wide, and also a huge generator for tourism. By managing flow of food for locals and restaurants people are empowered to find more sustainable ways for food management.