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An amazing, revolutionary, composting solution that you use directly in your kitchen.

The food recycler for your kitchen. Order now for 499 Euros (price in April, 649 Euro) We will also give you 6 months use of enzyme for free!

BinWin is a small, flexible and efficient composting solution for your home. With BinWin you do not need to deal with waste bags, smelly garbage bags or any other possible problems that can occur with handling food waste in your kitchen.

BinWin is easy to use, you start by adding our unique and newly produced enzyme, water and your food waste. Then let the machine work for about 6-24 hours. 95% of the food reduces are eliminated and the remaining 5% could be used as a soil fertilizer (however, it is not recommended for fresh seeds due to the salt content).

The process is simple, connect your BinWin to an outlet, make sure the machine has space, add the products and press start.
The machine runs on power, but the consumption is minimal, your BinWin is cost-efficient and cheap to operate. The only other expanse is the enzyme that we offer at a very good price.
No need to worry about bad odor, BinWin has a carbon filter designed to continuously filter the air. We can call it an “air fan” that eliminates any odors that may occur around food waste.

Don’t hesitate, order your BinWin today, start reducing, save money and support the environment.


At we have during the past 6 years been involved in various projects whereas we have tested different solutions for how a business owner can reduce the transportation costs, reduce their waste and decrease the carbon footprint.

Over time we have received information and learned a lot about different alternatives and also things about new technology. Over time the technology has evolved into a family of products that we call BinWin – Food Waste Reducers in the smallest version it is for households (BinWin Family 3 kg/day) and BinWin HORECA (from 10kg/day to 5000 kg/day) that is targeting hotels, restaurants, and the catering business.

This solution is using an enzyme that it is simulating the acid that we have in our stomachs. The enzyme together with a tumble technology turns almost 95% of your food waste into air and 5% into a compact fertilizer. This is a very convenient way if you need to reduce the food waste on site, for example if you need to “cut your peak volumes” in your business.