Food Waste Control


This is the name of our cloud service. Through this service, you as a customer can easily report & document food waste which can be done through the web or through various tracker solutions. You can choose to use our web-portal “Food Waste Web Reporter” or if you want an automatic solution you can invest in our product “Food Waste Tracker”. You can also choose to use Food Waste Control separately with the import of information from other tools such as Excel or another food-planning system. The system is suitable for everyone, from large catering companies to hotels, schools or restaurants. The system will ask you to report where the food waste originates, how much it is and for what reason it is thrown away. If you want to compare with key metrics, you can divide by the number of served or produced portions. Food Waste Control is intended to be used by responsible management for optimal use and communication.

Food Waste Web Reporter is our web portal. The idea is that the system should be used directly in the kitchen and either connected to our tracker (scale solution) or to be used separately. In Web Reporter, you enter the daily information and the amount of food waste. The system can be customized and is easy, smooth and efficient to use.


Our package price includes the Food waste Tracker, Plate Waste Tracker and Customer Survey Tracker all in one!