Food Waste Tracker


Food Waste Tracker & Webb Reporter is our solution for measuring, monitoring and reducing all food waste. The product is designed to measure different kitchen waste such as production waste, serving waste and plate waste. In its simplest form, you would measure the waste on a separate scale and enter the result in a web browser, which is the portal that we call Webb Reporter. If you want an automatic system, you can order a Food Waste Tracker. The scale is easy to place on the floor or on a bench. An app is installed on the computer with a touch screen that reports daily to the cloud service Food Waste Control. Everything is done automatically with a simple approach.


The Food Waste Tracker / Webb Reporter shows how industrial kitchens, restaurants, and the public sector can manage food waste, raise awareness and lower costs. The user easily selects what to throw on the touch screen and places the object on the scale. The system automatically displays the value of the object to be thrown away and estimated carbon dioxide emissions.

All collected data is stored in a database which then generates both general and customized reports based on predetermined key figures. The reports are then used as a basis for developing methods and tools in the next step to create new routines and reduce the amount of food waste.

Food Waste Tracker & Webb Reporter is offered at a fixed monthly price with a guarantee, including support. After selecting the desired package, a “quick- start guide” is also distributed for guidance. In addition, the system is constantly evolving and we are open for suggestions on improvements.

With increased awareness of what we are throwing away, the savings potential should be between 10 30%, which gives an ROI period between 3 8 months depending on the value of the product.

With the solution that you decide to use you enter where the waste occurred, the amount and the cause of the waste and then the system calculates the estimated costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

On a regular basis, the user receives automatic reports of the food being wasted. Food Waste Tracker / Webb Reporter is necessary and accessible to all companies who want to reduce their food waste.