Food Waste Tech Service Agreement

Food Waste Tech offers a free support service for its customers with a valid usage agreement, if no overdue payments exist. Support services provide you as a customer with Food Waste Tech support for software related issues, functionality as well as reporting of possible errors.

As a customer, you have the option to name two persons who are entitled to contact Food Waste Tech support. Food Waste Tech support is contacted by email

In the event of hardware defects, replacement warranty is included throughout the term of the agreement. After an error has been detected Our Support receives an RMA number and the customer receives a new device via the mail company’s business package within 1-3 days. Existing unit shall be returned to Food Waste Tech, no later than 2 weeks after new unit has been received. If this is not done, Food Waste Tech has the right to charge a shipping unit cost according to the applicable price list.

1. Telephone Support 
Mon – Thurs 08.00-15.00 Friday 9.00-15.00
Day before Sunday Grace Organic support closes at 13.00 Additional services in addition to the standard support described above, we can also offer (at current consultancy fees):

Short courses by telephone
Installations, updates and adjustment of settings and regulations.
Troubleshooting problems caused by the technical environment
Current prices are agreed with a customer or should be published at

2. Conditions 
In order for the support to be as effective as possible, Food Waste Tech support must be given remote access to the customer’s system during the opening hours that apply.
Those persons who will benefit from Food Waste Tech’s standard support must have undergone training from Food Waste Tech’s consultant in the software that it wishes to support.
Food Waste Tech has the right to charge the client on an ongoing basis for the timed debugging caused by the clients IT- environment or operation. Troubleshooting starts after
express order from the Customer.
Food Waste Tech has the right to change the terms of “GOSA” at any time. The change applies from then on the first day of the month following the change after the change was published on

3. Service Levels 
All issues are prioritized as follows:
Cases received via email begin within 24 hours. All service levels specified in this section are objectives and Grace Organic’s support shall take reasonable efforts to achieve these.
If “remote” error request is requested, a time must be offered within 72 hours of receipt of the request.
However, service levels should not in any case be considered to be guaranteed. We regularly measure service levels and guarantees that 90% of all cases start within the specified time.

When a customer enters into a subscription agreement with Food Waste Tech delivering a “prevention food service” (hereafter called “PFS”), it can contain:

Hardware, hereafter called “HW” equal to:
a Plate Waste Tracker containing of a TV monitor, computer, scale, and a network connection either via a WIFI/broadband or direct connected Ethernet cable.
a Food Waste Tracker containing of a touch PC, scale, and a network connection either via a WIFI/broadband or direct connected Ethernet cable.

A “Local Client Software” hereafter called “LCS” installed on each tracker that delivers data to the cloud on a regular basis A “Cloud Service” hereafter called “CS” possible to access via the Web for the user. Support Maintenance Agreements
– All customers that has subscribed to a “PFS” are atomically under our support maintenance agreement. During the period defined in the agreement, they will receive: – full
support by email
FREE updates, bug fixes and new version releases.
– The maintenance agreement is renewed annually. Cancellation of the agreement must be done in writing at least 90 days before renewal. The costs for Support & Maintenance agreements are shown separately in the pricelist.