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On Site Waste Management

At FoodWaste.Tech we have during the past 6 years been investigating various ways of how a business owner can reduce the transportation costs, reduce volume and try to decrease his carbon footprint. Over time we have received information and learned a lot about different alternatives and also things about new technology.

The first initiative is to use our scale solutions together with our platform Food Waste Control and decrease your organic waste, this to be sure that most of your food is consumed and not thrown away.   

There is not one solution to recommend.  There are alternatives and some work need to be done to choose your best option. It is up to each business owner to investigate his owns situation and we invite you to bounce your options with us, or just make your own decision based on information below.  We can also be involved and together we can identify your best option. Read our identified solutions below for “On site Waste Management” and if interested, sign up here for an online meeting.  


If your town are collecting your organic waste and they can convert it into BIOGAS and there is an infrastructure for biogas in your town, and you are living close to the plant,  this together with transforming the organic waste into energy is normally what we recommend a business owner to support.

It can also be that you are being charged per kilo for collecting your waste and this might be annoying since some of the actors out there are charging for your maximum weight.

Things for you to consider

  • How far does your waste need to be transported?
  • How much do you need to pay? Are you paying per pickup, kg/liters OR per week?
  • How sure can you be that it is handled in a proper way?
  • How much is your cost for electricity?
  • How much is your cost for water?
  • How much is your labor cost?
  • How much are you willing to invest to support our planet?
  • Can this help your overall CSR message?

Locally Picked up, Centrally Distributed, Burnt & Converted to Energy

Food Waste Control