How to Manage Dieting, Food, and Food Waste

Higher quality diets have greater amounts of fruits and vegetables, which are being wasted in greater quantities than other food,” says co-author Meredith Niles, a University of Vermo..

How Our Diet Affects Our Carbon Footprint

Here is the slogan. ”You are what you eat”. It is the philosophy turned slogan whispered from lips of consultants and dietitians for years. From ancient greek times, even Hippocrates, who is..

Our Food Initiative

Food is a essential stable of our lives, integrated into our actions and schedules since humans had social encounters. It is a part in our evolution and today defines our culture, traditions an..

The EU’s plan to Cut Food Waste by 2030

The Global Food Waste epidemic is well known- not so new news. It is such a big problem, that if if it were a country it would be the third largest contribute of carbon emissions. In the..

Doctors Advice

We have all heard the phrase ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”but does anyone truly know where the phrase came from? And are apples truly the secret to a good health? Fact: The..

Plastic Wrapped Food Society

Living in a on the go society – our rush hours and instant messaging, express meals, and to go drinks all highlight what business do to keep us on the go. But what if some of the small chan..

Judging a Fruit by its Cover

Picture this: you walk into the grocery store to do the weekly shopping task.  Grabbing a cart and begin to browse down the aisle to all the products that are demanded in your household.