Judging a Fruit by its Cover

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Picture this: you walk into the grocery store to do the weekly shopping task.  Grabbing a cart and begin to browse down the aisle to all the products that are demanded in your household. Perhaps you live alone, with a partner, or maybe you have three children who are picky eaters. Either way, preparing your meals for the week can always bee a bit tricky when trying to please everyone. there are always the delicious demands we all look to in when walking down the aisles.

Turning into the produce section you begin to pick fruits and vegetables. Naturally, you select the biggest and shiniest apple you can find in the selection, right? Naturally, we all do this, because we assume the prettier the fruit looks, the better it tastes. But, this happens to be a habit that contributes heavily to food waste. Did you know?

Something as innocent as judging for the best fruit is part of the habits that contribute to food waste.

For this reason, vendors want to make the their fruit and produce as beautiful as possible. We have practiced and perfected simple tactics to make food look prettier to buy, but at a price. A huge amount of food loss occurs from produce not meeting these expectations, and vendors reject crops from farmers that don’t meet aesthetic expectations. The only thing worse than easting good food? is wasting the delicious food because it doesn’t ”look” a certain way.

Rejected produce is one of the biggest problems in food waste 

With a market demanding a certain aesthetic need or standard, tons of perfectly edible food doesn’t make it the store for consumption. Recent technology has created more options this food to be redispersed to other areas for purchase or use, such as homeless shelters or kitchens in need. But the overall problem remains at large.

Perfectly good and fit food is trash.

Next time you go shopping, don’t be afraid to pick up some fruit or produce that is a little funky looking, it probably tastes just as delicious. Little tactics such as this help us to overcome the global world food problem.


Believe us, even most of the time food is portrayed a certain way on TV and commercials to look more appetizing, but often those ingrediants arent even real. Takr this video for example which describes the way food is manipulated to look good on commercials.

The moral of the story? Good food is about taste! Try thinking less about how it looks and more about how it tastes and use the products while creating your next meal. The results could be delicious.



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